Ivan Schell

Cellar / Lab Tech

F: What's a day at Fullsteam like? Do you have a work routine, or is it the type of job that's never the same twice?

IS: A day at Fullsteam is equal shares routine and the unscripted. Some days I'm allowed to pluck away at tasks in whichever order I choose. Other days I must pounce on jobs that enable the brew department to have a clean tank to brew into, or for the packaging team to...have beer to package. My job requires constant judgment calls and gauging a task's priority level to maintain production flow.

F: What's your favorite (and least favorite) part of the job?

IS: My favorite part of the job is when I can reinvent a process and apply it to my day-to-day. It is hardly as simple as "trying something new" -- you must incorporate slow changes to processes over time to retain the consistency of the beer while seeking measurable results. It's a game of patience and strategy. My least favorite part of the job is taking out the trash.

F: How do you cheer yourself up during COVID-19?

IS: Quarantine has pushed me in the direction of meditation and reflection. I'm not alone in having experienced a drastic lifestyle change, and I've sought ways to cope and adapt. I occasionally pick up old hobbies -- like drawing or photography -- and devote short amounts of time revisiting them. I will also take ten minutes here and there, put my phone down, and be alone with my thoughts in a very deliberate and meaningful way. It does wonders to silence the endless chatter in my head.

F: Favorite Fullsteam beer?

IS: 9-Volt: Mosaic, by far. The production department absolutely nailed it from start to finish, and the result is exactly the vision we had for this beer. It's clean, balanced, and ridiculously hoppy. I celebrate it from both a technical and sensory standpoint. Aside from seasonal releases, Rocket Science is my second go-to shift beer. Hard work pays off in the form a 16 oz. glass of Rocket Science.

F: If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

IS: The Southwest. I visited on a family vacation growing up, decidedly went back at age 20, and would go back again now. Natural arches, canyons, and miles of arid plains never cease to blow me away. Moab, Utah and Pikes Peak in Colorado stick out as my most memorable points.

F: You're a meme guy. What's your favorite obscure meme?

IS: There's this Facebook group called "Peter Griffin Memes as an Abstract Art Form". The name tells all. An avant-garde spin on low-brow American television is the kind of juxtaposition I live for.

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