Kevin Barringer

Wake County Beverage Purveyor

F: What's a day at Fullsteam like? Do you have a work routine, or is it the type of job that's never the same twice?

KB: For me, a day at Fullsteam is never the same twice. Working from home sometimes is nice, but I prefer to see my accounts face to face. Some days I drive 12 miles, but others I drive 70. It constantly keeps me on my toes which keeps it fresh and exciting.

F: What's your favorite (and least favorite) part of the job?

KB: I get paid to talk about beer! I am a people person and I really love having conversations with people across all walks of life. For this position I get compensated for doing just that! I would say my least favorite part of my job would be that I never am really "off" of work. It is not a requirement, but with my wanting to please my customers I can't ever 100% turn it off.

F: How do you cheer yourself up during COVID-19?

KB: I like to pick up my guitar or a PS4 controller to pass the time. Also, I have learned that I am a pretty darn good cook!

F: Favorite Fullsteam beer?

KB: As far as core brands go, it is hands down Paycheck. A perfect beer for every occasion. On the more rare side of things, I think my favorite beer that Fullsteam ever made is the collaboration with Scratch, Ava. For me it is a near perfect mixed cultured beer that I just absolutely adore.

F: If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?

KB: Assuming that COVID wasn't a problem anymore, probably Mediterranean Greece. The imagery I have seen from photos is breathtaking. I would also be deeply moved by the amount of incredible history that I would be surrounded by.

F: What was your first (or most memorable) concert / music experience?

KB: I was given backstage passes to the Gentlemen of the Road music festival in St. Augustine, Florida. Mumford and Sons was the organizer of this tour, but it was when I got to be ten feet from John Fogerty as he absolutely rocked the crowd of nearly 80,000 in an open field. He was actually a surprise addition to the lineup and when he practically rubbed shoulders with me on the way to the stage, I was starstruck.

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