Manny Soto

Packaging Team Lead

F: You're from Maryland! What's one thing most people don't know about the Old Bay State? (whoops, it's actually the Old Line State...sorry, Maryland!)

MS: Maryland was the first state in the union to name a state sport. You'd be surprised to know what it is. Any guess?

F: I got nothin'.

MS: Jousting! Maryland people are super into jousting. 

F: That's a great trivia question.

MS: Maryland's cool, but I dig it down here.

F: We're glad you're here, too. You bring a diverse background in wine, spirits, and beer. What's the most challenging aspect of leading packaging in a brewery? 

MS: All the scheduling, prioritization, and juggling to balance supply and demand. It's so dynamic and real-time.

F: What's the most rewarding aspect?

MS: Definitely my co-workers. We work together so well, but we're all so different, with unique interests and experience levels. But there's no one acts like they're better than anyone else. We're in this together.

F: I am now going to ask you about your hobbies.

F: What are your hobbies?

MS: Skateboarding and pizza. And I've been working on making vegan cheese.

Manny's first time to Pizzeria Toro! Follow his pizza adventures on Instagram: @theory_of_pizza.

F: Wait, are you vegan?

MS: I only eat meat on a pizza.

F: Gotcha. Okay, back to work stuff. I know the job is dynamic and ever-changing, but what are the day-to-day responsibilities for a packaging lead?

MS: First thing I do when I wake up is I think about all the tasks we need to complete. I mentally schedule out the day, then I create tasks on Glip (Fullsteam's internal messaging system) and create daily tasks. That helps me prioritize and knock out everything that needs to get done. I have to save time for troubleshooting, because equipment doesn't always work the way you want it to. 

F: After the day is done, what's your shift beer of choice?

MS: I've really been crushing on our Brett Lager. It's complex, yet clean and refreshing. But nothing will compare to my love for Fox Knob. (F: after the interview, we dug up an old bottle of Fox Knob to thank Manny for his time.)

F: I miss that beer. Last question: what song is on repeat for you these days?

MS: Not one song in particular, but I've been digging the new Blink-182 album!