The work begins!

Standing outside of the property, a few people driving by honked their horns and waved to us. They're smiling. We're smiling. There's a ton of work ahead, but yesterday it all began. For real.

The demo work is led by our contractor, Allen Knight, and completed by D.H. Griffin. This is our very first step in the physical demolition and build out. We decided to invest a bit more to ensure that all materials would be recycled. This includes the wiring, piping, and most importantly, the tons and tons of concrete we're tearing out. (The pad needs to be reinforced and thicker to support the weight of brewery tanks).

All materials will be sent to the D.H. Griffin recycling center. The concrete will be crushed, cleaned, and reused. We're really proud of this first step. Like any new business, we have to make choices when we can afford to invest in sustainable measures. This, our first step, is one of those times. I simply couldn't stand the thought of dumping all this concrete to a landfill!