Join the Scythe & Sparrow, our tavern membership club for $59 (single) or $99 (couple) annually. All renewals are 20 percent off. Benefits include:

  • 20% discounts on merchandise, events, and beer-to-go,
  • members-only shenanigans (raffles, classes, scavenger hunts), as Covid allows.
  • DRM: 20-ounce pours for the cost of a sixteen-ounce pint
  • RTP: 20% off all food (square pizza, salads, and snacks!)

Join the club! We run member dues through Join It, our new club membership platform.

If you're interested in helping the brewery and our staff, check out the Wall of Awesome, which provides three-year and lifetime Scythe & Sparrow membership options. (Details on the Wall of Awesome coming soon.)