It's been a busy and sometimes stressful year, and I've let one passion of mine lapse: writing. My early New Year's resolution? To get back to it. Long-form when I'm able.

Writing comes naturally when I give myself time to explore, meet with farmers, and forage. So with my resolution to write comes a parallel promise: to return to the land.

And it's not just about me. Look for posts from head brewer Brian Mandeville, sustainability updates from lead brewer Amanda Richardson, and more. 

For now, an exciting update that we posted on our newsletter but not on our snazzy new website. Time to fix that!

Fullsteam submitted three beers to the 2018 Good Food Awards. All three beers received finalist honors! We're the only brewery in the nation with three finalist nominations, and the only North Carolina finalist. 

The Good Food Awards celebrate deliciousness, sustainability, and social good. We're honored the beers did well and that we passed the vetting portion of the competition. A special cheers to the brewery crew for making tasty beer, and to our lead brewer Amanda Richardson for pushing us on sustainability measures.

We find out January whether any of these beers will win a 2018 Good Food Award. What beers, you ask? All three are from our Farm's Edge series: 

Farm's Edge: Dinnsen's Orchard, a paw paw Tripel now available at the tavern on draft and in bottles,

Farm's Edge: Brumley Forest, a foraged black walnut Baltic Porter brewed as a fundraising collaboration with the Triangle Land Conservancy -- also available at the tavern on draft and in bottles, and  

Farm's Edge: Alexis, a blackberrry tart saison we brewed this summer in collaboration with Hillsborough, N.C.-based Seal The Seasons.

We'll update you on the status of these three finalist nods. In the meantime, your support of these products goes a long way toward our mission of crafting distinctly Southern beer. And it supports great folks like TLC, Seal the Seasons, and our paw paw farmer friend, Wynn Dinnsen. 

It's good to connect,