Planning your visit

  • Respect Science. These are our two COVID-specific fundamentals. If you think the pandemic is a joke, we're not for you. (Durham probably isn't, either). If you use the word "sheeple" or "wake up" when referring to COVID, we'd rather you not put our staff at risk. Don't visit any public establishment if you have a fever (above 100.4) or you're showing potential signs of the virus.
  • Be Kind. These are incredibly trying times. Our staff is doing their very best to serve you and to adjust to all these changes. Everything's a little upside-down for most everyone, especially those in the service industry. Please be patient and nice.
  • Bring a mask / face covering. We'll have spares -- like a jacket at a old-school restaurant -- but masks make a difference.
  • Download the Arryved app for contactless payment (iOS, Android). It's not required, but it does make paying for your tab a breeze!

While at Fullsteam

  • Expect a greeter at the front to give you a brief overview of how and where to stand, order, and find a table. She or he may ask you to review our House Rules.
  • Wear a mask unless you're seated with your group. This is a city regulation. Again, we'll have extra masks if you need one.
  • Maintain social distance. The City of Durham limits groups not of the same family unit to a maximum of six people, all staying six feet apart from one other. We've set up tables to comply with social distancing protocols, so please don't move them.
  • Dogs must be outside (in the front or in our alleyway). We're sorry, but it's better for all -- and for our food operations -- if dogs stay outside, leashed.
  • No smoking or vaping. We know that some of our guests smoke, but it's not safe for our staff or other guests to have to clean up butts on the ground. And no matter how hard we try with cigarette stations and smokeless ashtrays, people don't use them.

How to Order

  • The greeter up front will give you the basics, but in case you're curious...
  • You'll walk into the glass doors in the bar area and order from a bartender, stationed behind plexiglass. There's no bar seating or hanging out in the bar area -- for now, it's just for ordering.
  • If a guest is at the bar ordering, please wait at the spaces marked on the floor. We've placed them a good distance apart. If we get very busy, we have these spots marked outside, including socially distanced seating in front of the red F door.
  • Once inside the bar, you'll start a tab with the bartender and receive your drinks. If you ordered food, you'll get a order tag.
  • Find a table marked "Sanitized and ready." We'll bring food out to you if you ordered any.
  • When you're done, simply leave your plates and glasses. We'll take care of it and sanitize the table and seats for the next party.

That's a lot of info, we know! Hopefully this provides a good overview of what to expect...and signals that we're taking this seriously. Our goal is to be organized, smooth, and safe, so the focus can be on a social gathering over good drinks and food.