For your kegerator


Enjoy Fullsteam beer on draft...on your home draft system.

SIxtels (1/6 barrels) serve around 42 pints of beer and fit in most standard kegerators. We charge a $100 deposit per sixtel, which we'll refund to you in full when you return the empty to us. 

Check out our current availability of sixtels below! We ask that you order at least 24 hours before pickup so we can set aside and tag your beer.

Interested in 1/2 barrel kegs (124-ish pints)...or in a beer that's currently on-tap that you don't see listed here? Call the brewery office during normal business hours at 919-682-2337 and ask to speak with Jeremiah. He'll be happy to work with you,.

Please note that our inventory is limited, and that we might have beers on tap at our tavern that aren't available for sale here.