Scythe & Sparrow Membership


Join Fullsteam’s community membership club! Annual membership runs $59/single or $99/couple and repays itself quickly in both larger pour sizes and tavern discounts.

  • Receive a 20-ounce pour for the cost of a sixteen-ounce pint. (Excludes guest taps and limited-edition/high ABV beers not served in a pint glass.)
  • 20% discount on beer-to-go. Once in a blue moon, we might not be able to discount a beer due to limited supply/high costs, or we may need to impose a limit just to ensure non-members and our retail partners aren’t shorted.
  • 20% off all merchandise (t-shirts, glassware, etc.)!
  • Members-only access to special parties, swag, educational events, fun stuff, random giveaways, and Scythe & Sparrow shenanigans! This could be an early preview of special beer, a cask offering, or random treats to keep you happy. We’ll treat you right. Note: we're holding off on in-person events and gatherings until Covid has subsided. 

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