Scythe & Sparrow Membership


Fullsteam’s community membership club!

  • Once the tavern reopens, receive a 20-ounce pour for the cost of a sixteen-ounce pint. (Excludes guest taps and limited-edition/high ABV beers not served in a pint glass.)
  • NEW! 20% discount on beer-to-go! Once in a blue moon, we might not be able to discount a beer due to limited supply/high costs, or we may need to impose a bottle limit just to ensure non-members and our retail partners aren’t shorted.
  • 20% off all merchandise (t-shirts, glassware, etc.)!
  • First dibs on seasonal bottle releases, typically offered the day before the public is able to purchase (and offered to you at a 20% discount!)
  • Again, once the tavern reopens: members-only access to special parties, swag, educational events, fun stuff, random giveaways, and Scythe & Sparrow shenanigans! This could be an early preview of special beer, a cask offering, or random treats to keep you happy. We’ll treat you right.

Once you join, we'll mail your membership card to you lickety-split so you can start taking advantage of the perks as soon as possible. Don't want to wait for the mail? In the "notes" section of your order let us know you'd prefer to pick it up at the tavern. We'll keep it safe for you until you arrive.

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Giving this Scythe & Sparrow membership as a gift?

First, you are an awesome gift giver. Second, please provide the following in the notes section.

- Recipient's name
- Recipient's email address
- Recipient's mailing address

We want to make sure the new member is getting the inside scoop on upcoming Scythe & Sparrow events, early releases, and other exclusive shenanigans.

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