Our investment finger is rising like a Cialis pill-popper. That was no pill -- it was the result of a continued belief that we can meet our investment goals, in spite of the economy.

Before event

We're now "approaching the home stretch." Not yet at the home stretch, but approaching it. If you're interested in learning more about the opportunity, contact me very soon. I believe we'll meet our goal of completing our equity needs by the end of the month.

Money stuff aside: Friday was a great evening, with about 80 people in attendance. We asked all attendees to grab a name tag and write their first name and their favorite style of beer. The unanticipated result was that a lot of tags sounded like porn names: Sarah Stout, Barry Barleywine (was that Barry or some other star)? I was Sean Flemish Sour Ale, which isn't very porny. 

As for beers, we started the night off with a control beer (Fullsteam) and an experiment (Scuppernong). These two beers were paired with a North Durham exclusive, "Costco Snacks." This isn't sexist: women tend to dig the Scuppernong. It's got that white ale appeal, with a touch of sweetness from the grape. But it's not cloyingly sweet. Promise.

After event! oops! need to change the "we are here!"After event!

Next up: bullies and beer. Carolyn (my wife) and I made two sets of bullies the night before and day of the event: a Thai Chook bully (chicken, green curry, sweet potato) and "Wenceslas," a bully with roast turkey, sweet potato, cranberry, goat cheese, and plum vinegar. The bullies were paired with the experimental Sweet Potato, an amber ale that turned out to be the crowd favorite -- keen eyes will note that both bullies had sweet potatoes in them. No pie spices in the beer: straight up sweet potatoes at 25 percent of fermentables (32 informs us that v_2 will have 50 percent). 

I personally wish we could have brought you all bullies that were puffed up (pieminister is my inspiration) and hot, but we did what we could.

I answered some questions and talked about our plans. To those who were there, thanks for listening.


Next up: Hogwash! and NC-style smoked pork shoulder. Wow. Once again, an amazing combo. (Sounds like bragging, but I'm braggin' on 32, who crafted both.) To me, the beer had a bit more smoke profile to it this time around -- brought out even more by the smoked pork. I'm wondering if we need to have 'cue on the menu when we open. Thoughts?

We had planned to auction off some naming rights to stuff (which we'll still do), but I was so busy answering detailed investment questions and lining up meetings that we didn't ever get to this. I don't think anyone was too disappointed.

We concluded the evening with a new beer: Workers' Compensation Stout, paired with some homemade brownies. One guy asked me if these were the "good kind" of brownie, and I didn't know what he meant. I said yes, because they were the chewy kind, not cakey. I don't think that's what he was getting at.

All in all, a great evening. I hope those of you who were there had a blast. I'm sorry I don't have more pictures for you: I was simply too busy.

OH! The Mullet made it to the the Pinhook's grand the obligatory midnight stop at Honey's (seizure warning -- the website, not the food)...and back home at 1:30am. 

Side note: I love the Mullet. It's the first vehicle I've ever really been proud to drive. (I have a history of driving utilitarian whatevers). Clicky for some pictures.


The brewing system arrives soon! Our adventure continues...thanks to YOUR support. Thank you, investors...friends...and friends of friends. Attendees: if you have any feedback on the beers, our plans, etc., please post it here or email me privately.