It's been a busy December here at Fullsteam: a beer dinner, two craft markets, a First Frost launch, a strange and wonderful variety show. And we're just a little over halfway through the month.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's ride the wayback machine...all the way back to Movember.

Last month, along with men and women around the world, we grew mustaches to support men's health research and education. We posed, you voted with your donations, and the Fullsteam team raised over $650 for the cause. In total, our team, Team RDU (of which we were a very small part), raised nearly $20,000.

But let's get real. In life, there are mustaches that play the game and there are mustaches that change it. Here are the winners of Fullsteam's mustache contest, starting with third place:


Second place:


And, the Movember winner, in a stunning gender upset:


Congratulations, Alice! Thanks to everyone who voted. We're already scheming up our 'staches for next year. And, on that note, onward toward 2012!